SINGA Professional Mentoring

Our Approach

A typical mentoring program usually looks something like this: Carla is more experienced and knowledgeable in a particular field than Max. Max would like to develop his career path and could benefit from Carla’s experience. They agree to meet regularly to discuss Max’s needs, to practice his job application and interview skills and to connect Max with more contacts. This mentoring relationship is one-way, from Carla to Max.

In contrast with this approach, SINGA’s mentoring program values the knowledge and experience brought into the relationship by Max as well. As a result, our story of Carla and Max looks a bit different: In our case, Max is in a special situation. He has not lived in Germany very long, has just begun learning German and has not yet met too many people living here. He quickly realises that he could use some support in order to really fulfil his social and professional aspirations.

Before having to flee to Germany, Max worked as a mechatronics systems engineer for eight years in Ukraine. He would like to continue working in his field in Germany. Through SINGA’s mentoring program, Max is connected with Carla who works as a mechanical engineer in Germany. Carla is well connected and knows what it takes to be successful in her field. She can give Max advice on how he can gain further qualifications, do a worthwhile traineeship or look for positions where Max’s English proficiency will suffice as a working language. Carla can also answer questions specific to the engineering sector in Germany as well as describe the customs common to German working culture.

Max however also brings knowledge and experiences to the mentoring relationship that Carla does not have. He is well versed in the regional specificities of the mechanical engineering sector in eastern Europe and knows what it takes to be build a career in that region. Having been trained in a different environment, Max can share information on different approaches to working in this field with which Carla is not familiar. Furthermore, Carla spent a year studying in Kiev during her university and studies and has many questions about how the city has since developed and changed.

For SINGA, Max’s legal status as a refugee is not our main focus. Instead, we are more interested in working with the implications that arise from finding oneself on an unexpected journey. Max is new in Germany and has a lot to figure out. If he hadn’t come, he probably never would have met Carla and seeing as both have a lot to share and learn from each other, this opportunity should be used. Our work is to create the right foundation for this professional exchange.

Why get involved?

  • Meet new international colleagues and learn about how your sector functions abroad
  • Contribute to making our labour market and society more accessible and inclusive
  • Be part of a dynamic network of international professionals
  • You will be well-prepared and accompanied throughout the program
  • Participate in a flexible, yet structured 4 month program
  • Gain first-hand knowledge about labour market integration and become a new resource for your company

What happens after you fill out the questionnaire?

  1. We will contact you and set up a first call.
  2. We will propose a match to you based on the profiles in our database. In the event that we do not yet have someone that matches your profile, we can keep your profile in our database until we find the right person. We will discuss this with you individually.
  3. We will invite you to a one-day Onboarding Session in order to discuss all relevant information you may need and to prepare you for your role as a mentor. During this session you will also have the opportunity to meet other mentors in this program.
  4. The mentoring program begins. SINGA will accompany the first meeting with your partner.